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Bird Control Services Inc.
Formerly Bird Control International Inc. BCS's methods have been carefully developed over 40 years for maximum effectiveness while at the same time being humane and environmentally friendly. BCS offers humane solutions for problem wildlife. Since 1970, BCS has specialized in serving airports, industry, conservation areas, municipalities, cities, hospitals, landfills and shopping complexes.
Canadian Museum of Nature
Canadian Museum of Nature
Where better to get natural-science story ideas than the Canadian Museum of Nature? The museum is Canada's national natural history museum, with roots dating back more than 150 years. With numerous specialists on staff, the museum is renowned in the scientific community for exciting, break-through research. Many of the treasures in our more than 10-million-specimen collection are one-of-a-kind.
Pest Control Shop
Pest Products
ith professional grade products available for home use, The Pest Control Shop strives to supply visitors with premium products at a discount price. The majority of products offered are used by licensed pest professionals, and will not be found on the shelf at any major superstore. While it is beneficial to confront a task with the best equipment, it is also essential to know proper pest control techniques. We aim to provide concise and useful information that can be applied for a variety of circumstances. The products offered by the Pest Control Shop are all produced by industry leading manufacturers whose name is trusted by commercially licensed technicians. To name a few, manufacturers such as Tomahawk, JT Eaton and the Envirolights FlyLight Jr. have a proven record of success in a variety of pest related problems when utilized properly.
Home and Life Organizers
Our customized service is designed to meet your individual needs with the most cost-effective strategy for your personal situation. Whether it’s for extermination preparation, right-sizing, hoarding clear outs, trauma clean ups, estate sales and more. We ensure that your life and home transitions are as comfortable and stress free as possible.
Proudly Serving South Okanagan & Princeton
After being employed for 10 years with one of the largest Companies in Canada and receiving the best training in the pest control industry. CANGUARD Pest Solutions was created in Penticton, BC, where I love to live, work and play. We offer a wide variety of services, for commercial and residential. 3575 South Main St Penticton BC V2A6M9 Phone: (250)460-1809Toll Free: 1-800-866-6332
The Firm Murals
The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme) was formed to provide the public, including medical professionals, with balanced and validated information on Lyme disease and related coinfections. CanLyme aims to provide research funding for zoonotic disease, to increase awareness of Lyme and its associated diseases, and to communicate concerns to government public health agencies. Who are we? CanLyme is a registered non-profit charitable organization run by volunteers from coast to coast. Our mission The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is dedicated to promoting research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases.